JOTPASS(1) General Commands Manual JOTPASS(1)

jotpassPrint readable random passwords

jotpass [-v] [-a alphabet] [-g groups] [-w width] [-s separator]

The jotpass utility facilitates generating random passwords suitable for handwriting.

The options are as follows:

Enable verbose mode. Causes jotpass to print the entropy of the generated password to standard error.
Draw characters from the given alphabet. Defaults to alphanumeric ASCII characters, excluding 01klnuvIO to improve legibility.
Set the number of groups. Defaults to 12.
Set the width of the groups. Defaults to 4 characters.
Set the group separator character. Defaults to dash (-).

The jotpass utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

Print a random password:

$ jotpass

Specify a custom format:

$ jotpass -a 0123456789abcdef -g 8 -w 2 -s ' ' -v
49 1b 6e b0 e2 fc 16 b1
The generated password has an entropy of 64 bits.

jot(1), arc4random(3)

Stefan Kreutz <>

October 12, 2021 OpenBSD 7.0