1. Parseq

    A parallel sequential iterator for Rust.

  2. Install rust-analyzer on OpenBSD -current

    How to install the language server for Rust from source without rustup.

  3. My first Rust crate

    A command-line application and Rust library to compute the WPA-PSK of a Wi-Fi SSID and passphrase.

  4. Readable random passwords with jot

    A BSD utility to generate strong passwords suitable for handwriting.

  5. First release of installiso

    A utility to customize OpenBSD installation images for unattended installation.

  6. GoAccess log format for OpenBSD httpd

    How to import OpenBSD httpd access logs into GoAccess.

  7. Temporary PostgreSQL server

    A shell script to run the PostgreSQL server off a temporary directory.

  8. Auto-install OpenBSD on QEMU

    How to perform an unattended installation of OpenBSD on the QEMU virtual machine monitor.

  9. Unix Domain Socket Forwarding with OpenSSH

    How to control access to OpenSSH forwardings using Unix domain sockets instead of TCP ports.